A suite of products and platforms which are designed and built by Bankers for Banks

Vanguard is a path-breaking and unique platform that combines end-to-end retail and SME financing function with a sophisticated inbuilt Automation tool that allows banks to implement the solution in matter of weeks. The solution is omni-channel, taps digital sources for information, has an integrated backstage, uses cognitive automation and self learning models for credit underwriting. Modular in design, banks can use any of its modules along with its existing systems and start delivering benefits immediately.

Rubix is a first of its kind Automation-as-a-Service that lets you automate your processes without any upfront expensive investments in bots. Rubix empowers you to pay per process (irrespective of the number of bots), pay-as-you-go model and all of this without need to hire expensive resources and train them on designing and creating bots.

Rubix enables you to go beyond rules based automation into cognitive automation by using pay-as-you-go model a bank can automate specific processes to meet seasonal peaks and troughs.

Compactus is an end-to-end content management system which enables bank to manage documents, workflow and manage their records with very innovative add-ons of unified customer communication and interactive statements.

With Compactus, businesses can provide a centralized & secured view to their customers staff of the documents/content exchanged, available on-demand all the time.

Our Services

Services done right will have a positive impact on your business. Help us understand you and your business needs so that we can serve you better.

Digital Engineering Services

Latitude Fintech engineering services division  empowers you with the best of digital engineering so that you can invest your valuable time in doing what you do best-your business.  Engineering service brings value to your Product development lifecycle by Optimizing cost, reducing time to market and adapting to changes.
Follows design thinking approach with iterative prototyping and daily show and tell sessions. Manage end-end Product development lifecycle to production hosting and BAU support/bug fix.

Implementation Services

Successful implementation services require deep domain knowledge, rollout Process, hands on with tools and technique. As such, implementation is the action that must follow any preliminary thinking to be successful.
At Latitude, we are focused on quality and believe that human IP (relevant experience) is very important in implementation services. We have invested in recruiting experienced personnel with hands-on experience in implementation across Banking domain.

We deliver innovative high quality business solutions. Partner with us!

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Our Story

In 2016, a team of brilliant minds with rich and diversified experience in designing, delivering and implementing banking software across the world, decided to solve various business challenges faced by banks and other financial institutions.

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Our Team

Latitude Fintech is an agile, transparent and responsive organization, We are now a strong global team of 40+ and growing.

We are passionate and very driven people, each of them bringing decades of experience in the financial technology industry.

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Our Locations

It is head-quartered in Bengaluru, India with two centers, one each for R&D and product development with a combined capacity of 150 people

Employees are currently working across our offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

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